Spring Forward Sportive Segments: Quarry Bank – AKA The Raddle

Spring Forward in segments:

#1 – Quarry Bank – AKA The Raddle

The first Ridestaffs sportive of 2019 is called Spring Forward. It takes place in Uttoxeter on April 7th, but what’s in store for you if you sign up? Let’s take a look at the first major climb on the long (57mile) route; Quarry Bank – AKA, The Raddle.

The Stats:

  • Length: 1 Mile
  • Max Gradient: 21.4%
  • Average Gradient: 3.7%
  • Elevation Gain: 213ft

The climb itself

After you leave Hollington Road after 6.7m of the ride, Croxden Lane offers a final bit of flattish road as you pass the Abbey. From there you join Sandy Lane and after traversing the ford (there’s a little bridge you can also use if you’re scared of the water) then you’ll begin the climb with a left turn onto Quarry Bank.

Quarry Bank isn’t a modest climb, it’s keen to show you everything it’s got. So from the junction it’s straight up and onto the steepest parts of the climb. The first 60m at 13% will steal your momentum before the next 60m at 21% (ouch!) bring on the lactic acid burn!

If you have any spring in your step, you could kick back up to speed as the climb relents to 16%, then 7%.

You’re half way up the climb as things start to level off past the Raddle pub and if you’ve got the energy to look over your shoulder there’s a great view over the valley to take in. But whilst there’s nothing as severe as the opening part of the climb, it’s a bit of a grind from here to the top where you reach the junction, take a left and breathe a sigh of relief.

That’s the hardest part done!

Where does it fit into the Spring Forward Sportive?

Quarry Bank comes after 8 miles of the Spring Forward sportive route. Before you get there, apart from a little descent from the start, you’ll be climbing gently till you reach Croxden Abbey where the climb begins.

The climb itself gains 213ft in 1 mile, and to put that in context, that’s the same amount of climbing in 1 mile as you’ll have done in the entire ride up to that point!

As well as being the first major climb of the route, Quarry Bank is also the hardest and highest of the ride, taking you to the 670ft roof of the route!

Does that mean it’s all downhill from there?

Yes and no.

This is the high point of the route and you do get about 2 miles of descent from the top, but that’s followed by another 4ish miles of climbing before your next period of real respite, 5 miles of mostly descent that takes you most of the way to the feed at the Bank House in Hixon

What else do you need to know about Quarry Bank?

Well, as it’s a segment on Strava you can check out your time against the all time bests as well as seeing how you compare to the rest of the RideStaffs Strava Club members too if you’re part of that community.

At the time of writing this article:

  • The overall KOM for the segment is 3m 27s
  • The overall QOM for the segment is 4m 48s
  • The quickest RideStaffs Strava club member time is by Jon Weavell (4m 39s)
  • The fastest rider we can find from last years Spring Forward sportive is Alessandro Williams who romped up in 4m 16s


Find the Segment on Strava: https://www.strava.com/segments/3407608

Look at the segment on Velo Viewer: https://veloviewer.com/segment/3407608

Find the RideStaffs Club on Strava: https://www.strava.com/clubs/ridestaffs

Find out more about the Spring Forward Sportive: https://ridestaffs.co.uk/event/spring-forward-2019-uttoxeter/

And remember…

It’s fun to compare ourselves with our fellow riders and challenge ourselves to be quicker and stronger, but it’s not a race, so always ride with care and according to the rules of the road.